WIP – Another Zippered Tote

You may remember I mentioned I would like to have time to make a bag to take on my trip with me. I wasn’t sure I would get one done, but I’m happy to say that I will. Yay!

I started late last night and immediately ran into some issues. First, I cut some pieces for one of the outside panels too short. Luckily, I was able to fix the problem and move on.

I decided to use fusible fleece for the outside panels instead of batting and I’m so glad I did. Look at this piece once I started quilting it:

Quilted panel for totebag

I absolutely DID NOT like how it looked.  My biggest issue is that I didn’t have a dark enough gray thread color. The only ones I have are light gray, and it was way to late to make a run into town. So I decided to use a maroon that would pick up some of the colors in the print used on the outside (see below). This was definitely a case where “just use what you have” didn’t work. So I spent a good bit of time picking out all the quilted lines. The panel below is without the quilting, and I like it so much better.

Totebag panel - no quilting

If I had used batting, I would have needed to find a way to quilt the panel and I really like it without any quilting (gasp!)

After those two bumps, things went a lot more smoothly. I managed to get the outside panels together…..

Totebag outside panels

……and the zipper assembled and the inside panels together….

Lining for totebag with zipper

…and here they are shown together, with the lining panel turned inside out.

Totebag components

These fabrics are from the Wild & Free line designed by Maureen Cracknell for Art Gallery Fabrics. I love the way they feel; what I don’t like is the way the prints are printed. They are printed perpendicular to the selvege edges, so it makes me think a bit more about measurements and such. I may have already mentioned once or twice how much I hate quilty math….. 🙂

I finally stopped sewing around 2am and went to bed. Today I will get the handles made and the bag assembled and I will have a finish this week! Not to mention a new bag to take on my trip. Whoop!!

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4 Responses to WIP – Another Zippered Tote

  1. soma1773 says:

    Haha! I saw the finished bag before reading this post. I made a bag with batting, I don’t like how limp the bag is. I wonder if it would have been stiffer had I quilted it. Do you have good tutorial for the inset zipper?


  2. Diane says:

    I absolutely love the lining you picked to go with that funky stripe on the outside. Your tote sure is cute. I will investigate its pattern and fusible fleece. I have lots of fleece. Do you know if it would work with wonder under or stitch witchery? More work and less convenience I know but using up some of this stuff might be worth it. Do you have a link to the pattern in one of your other posts? Enjoy your road trip!

  3. pamelajs56 says:

    I adore it! The fabrics are gorgeous made up into this bag. Very nicely done.

  4. Jasmine says:

    I’ve never used fusible fleece. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on it. Your bag is going to be great!

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