William Morris HST Quilt Finished

Oh, you guys. I’ve been chipping away on the William Morris HST quilt, and making really good progress. It’s an easy layout, sewn in rows, and there aren’t a lot of seams to match up so assembly is easy.

You know I’ve been wondering if I had enough of the tan Grunge to add the strips between each row, and resisting doing the math. Why? Who knows….just trying to add a little bit of drama to this quilt I guess. Anyway, as you all probably knew from the beginning I do not have enough. In fact, I am two strips short. Aargh!!!

Grunge sashing stripsMy desire to not change the design again was greater than my desire to not buy any more fabric, so finding more Grunge was necessary. Luckily, my local quilt shop has it in stock and in the right color! So now I have an extra yard to play with.

I put together the top and have to admit I love these colors/prints. They are really outside my usual palette, maybe that’s why I like them so much? Hmm…

The quilt is not the original design because the sashing strips have been left out of the center section of the quilt.

Finished HST Quilt

Which brings me to a serious question. Do I take those center rows apart and add the sashing rows as originally designed? Or do I leave it as is because the top is already sewn together? (And it looks pretty darn good!) Decisions, decisions…

HST Quilt

Original design with sashing between center Half Square Triangle blocks

What would you do? (I know – you would have done the math, bought the fabric, and added the strips before sewing the entire thing together – that’s what real quilters do, right?)

For now, the flimsy is finished and my head is swimming with all the quilting possibilities. But it’s not the quilt I originally planned so I don’t know if I can really count it as finished. Yet.  Only time will tell.

The saga of the HST quilt continues….Meanwhile, I need to come up with a name for it. Calling it the HST quilt is so generic! 🙂

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17 Responses to William Morris HST Quilt Finished

  1. Jocelyn Thurston says:

    I am a big Morris fan so naturally love this! Hopeless at piecing so I would not venture an opinion other than to echo what others say to suit yourself. Lovely work whichever way you go.

  2. maggie says:

    finished is better than perfect – and the math takes too much time away from stitching:)

  3. I’d leave it as done! It looks great and the grunge makes for an interesting background ☺ And I often ‘wing it’ when I’m using fabric from my stash… With varying success!

  4. Susan says:

    I like both versions, but I do like the way the triangles come together, and I see no reason to change it, if you also like it. As for me, yes, I probably would have done the math, but then, finding myself short, I would have said, “How can I change this to use what I have?” and probably would have wound up right where you did! I have to admit that I don’t think I’ve ever finished a quilt exactly the way it was designed.

  5. Kate says:

    If you are happy with the flimsy the way it is leave it. If it will always bother you that you didn’t stick with the original design, then add the sashing strips. I love both options. As for a name, “A Little Less Grunge” ?

  6. Lynn White says:

    I really like it as it is, seeing those triangles come together makes them look really good. Not sure whether the size is that big a deal?

  7. Linda says:

    As long as your bias edge is not on the outside of your square, you could rip back. But that doesn’t sound like fun. Add strips to the outer edges if you want it bigger. As far as running out if grunge — I would have viewed it as a chance to think outside of the box :). But then I like the depth that comes with slight changes in value and pattern can bring. That being said – this one is a winner the way it is!

  8. Helen Glover says:

    Love it like it is. YOu can’t go wrong with William Morris anytime! Leave it and be sure and post when it is quilted. great design imho!

  9. I would only take apart the rows and add the sashing if it would make the quilt size what I wanted. Otherwise, I’d leave it be. 🙂

  10. I would base my decision on how big I want the quilt to be. If not big enough add, if fine leave as is. I like either version, but lean more towards leave as is.

  11. Dot Murdoch says:

    I like it the way it is..Leave it alone & just finish it…..Dot M.

  12. I would leave it, unless it really bugs you that you didn’t stick with the original design. As for me, if there’s ever the possibility of not having to rip, I’ll go with it. I hate to rip stuff; it takes forever. I really like the blend of the grunge with the William Morris fabric; it gives it a really cool vibe.

  13. Vicki in MN says:

    I think I would leave it, your flimsy is done!! Get it quilted and then you can’t change it, LOL

  14. Leave it, it was a design opportunity! At least you were able to find what you wanted. I once made a quilt and miscalculated what I had, ending up about a fat quarter short. It was a discontinued fabric, and the top was mostly made at that point, but I was able to find just what I needed by posting on a missing fabrics website for it. Whew! It was for my MIL, so I was lucky to get it done.

  15. Kathleen McCormick says:

    I think it looks great. I guess adding the strips I would only do if I needed it to be a certain size. Funny how we can get stubborn about paying attention to one little piece (the math ) and then have to pay the consequences at the end. It’s a great quilt – finished depends on your definition but I always count it in my head as done, when it really has a bit more to go.

  16. Sandy Allen says:

    Both are beautiful. To me, the finished top has more movement in it with the center blocks. They look like they are spinning. The more I see of these fabrics the more I want them. Looks like a trip to my LAST is in the plans for this weekend!

  17. It looks good as is, however that being said I like the visual impact of the strips.

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