Update – Walk Through the Garden

This weekend has been a productive one, with lots of sewing getting done. Even though I was able to sew a lot, it felt like I was swimming upstream because of all the interruptions. Have you ever had a day like that? Whew! One thing after another.  Somehow I managed to keep my sanity!

First, I was able to finish piecing the top and the back of the Walk Through the Garden quilt. I think I’m going to have to rename this quilt cause man, that’s a mouthful.

I’ve got shots of the front, but none of the back.  Those will come another day….

Walk Through the Garden Quilt Top

The top sewn together.

Walk Through the Garden Quilt Top

A closer shot because I love these prints!

I now have four quilt tops that need quilted. For me, that’s too many. So my plan is to work on these and get them out of the “To Do” pile to the “Yay, It’s Done” pile.  I also think its time to make some smaller baby sized quilts. This will me give me an opportunity to practice and improve my skills and still be productive.

I’ve also made some progress on the Accidental Dresden. Quilting those Dresden plates is a pain, but I only have 2-1/2 to go! Then I can finish with the FMQ on the background.

Dresden Quilt Walking Foot

Quilting with the walking foot. Slow progress….

Also, while I was reading blogs this weekend I ran across a tutorial on the Red Pepper Quilts blog for an Economy Block. This is a darling 5-1/2″ block made from scraps. You’ve probably seen this before – it’s also known as a Square in a Square block.  It takes a little while to sew this up, only because you’ve got to be careful to keep your points.  So, a little time consuming. My plan is to make up these little blocks from the scraps of my projects…..at some point I’ll have enough for a quilt. (Thanks to the Saltwater Quilts blog for leading me to this tutorial.)

Look how cute these are!

Economy Quilt Block Square in Square

My first Economy Block.

Square in Square Economy Block

Block #2

So there it is. My progress report for the weekend. Summer is such a busy time that I’m extremely grateful for the sewing time I’ve managed to steal.  I hope you are finding some snippets of time to sew or do what you love as well.  Have a great week!



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I'm a wife, mother of two, and lover of all things crafty. I love to cook up new things in the kitchen and in my craft room, and sometimes get "licking the spoon" mixed up with "licking the fabric"!!
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6 Responses to Update – Walk Through the Garden

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  2. Joanna says:

    I used that economy block tutorial recently in one of my bees as it was the Queen’s choice. I found it easier than other tutorials with larger blocks as Rita’s instructions oversized the pieces for trimming which really helped! Definitely made me want to make more!

  3. Debbie says:

    You are like me–too many projects at once, lol. I see that you made progress on the dresden! And I love the economy block. I have a question about that one. Is it a problem to keep everything squared? As in, the points exactly in the middle of the center box? Thanks!

    • Beth says:

      The economy block was very easy to do. To keep things lined up, I folded the middle square in half twice and finger pressed. This showed me where the center was and I could align the points on the triangles before sewing. I squared the block after adding the first set of triangles, and after adding the second set. 🙂

  4. You have been super busy! Glad you had a great weekend and I really like your economy blocks. Keep at the quilting on the dresden blocks; you’ll be done before you know it!

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