Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

That seems to be a theme with me so far this year. First, making that bright ombre quilt (which will hopefully get quilted next week) was a challenge for me. Even though I love those colors, and use bright fabric a lot it is still a bit nerve-wracking for me to see it hanging every time I walk in my sewing room.

Then, this past week I got in my car and took myself to the local guild meeting and joined the group. Doesn’t sound scary at all, does it? But for me, it was. Just a bit. I mean, I’m so used to hanging out in my own little piece of the world where it’s just me sewing and sometimes it’s easier to stay put.

However, one of my goals in 2017 is to put myself out there – meet people, enter quilt shows, hold real conversations with people who can talk back and not just the TV or my reflection in the mirror that hangs above my sewing machine. (Yes, there’s a mirror behind my sewing machine, actually there are 3, but it’s not nearly as conceited as it sounds. Someday I’ll explain…)

Annnnyway…..what I wanted to say is that I’m SO glad I went to the meeting. I had previously met a couple of the ladies through activities at my LQS, so I did recognize a few women enough to say Hello. Everyone was welcoming and encouraging and helpful in explaining all the activities the group does. One lady took it upon herself to make sure I knew why they were doing what they were doing at any given time, included me in all her conversations, and then ate lunch with me. A super sweet person!

And now I’m an official member of the Helping Hands Quilt Guild, have my instructions for the project we’ll be working on next month, and am signed up to be a hostess for the October meeting. Whew!

I almost talked myself out of getting in the car that morning. I’m a quiet person who likes to sit on the sidelines and not draw attention to myself. But my need for quilty friends is stronger than my need to sit at home and it pushed me out the door.

If you, like me, are hesitant to put yourself out there let me encourage you to make the leap. More than likely, you’ll meet great people who are as passionate about your craft as you are and you’ll feed on their energy. Energy fuels creativity and having a fresh burst of energy is what I need to keep me sewing and creating.

Push yourself outside that comfort zone, and see what happens!

If you have a story about stepping out of your comfort zone, we would love to hear it. Please share it in the comments, and have a wonderfully creative weekend!


About Beth

I'm a wife, mother of two, and lover of all things crafty. I love to cook up new things in the kitchen and in my craft room, and sometimes get "licking the spoon" mixed up with "licking the fabric"!!
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19 Responses to Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

  1. Glad you found a welcoming group. I find it hard to put myself out there. I have to at work, so I prefer to spend my off time sewing on my own.

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m glad you stepped out of your comfort zone. It sounds like you will get a lot of enjoyment out of the meetings….and hosting already aren’t you amazing.

  3. I am so happy to visited the guild and had such a great time! I belong to 2 local guilds (a large traditional guild and a smaller modern guild) and I have met such wonderful woman (and men) through them.

  4. Jasmine says:

    Sounds like it was a rewarding experience. I am such a homebody, but I love sewing with other women. Hosting a small church quilt group in my house is great!

  5. Shasta says:

    Good for you for joining the quilt. There is so much inspiration and commaraderie in a guild.

  6. Look at you go! The first time i went to my guild I think i got back in my car 6 times before finally going in. I was glad I did – Glad you did too!! Go yoU!!

  7. Vicki in MN says:

    Good for you and I hope you continue to go out and about! But I know what you mean it is just easier to stay home and sew all by our little selves! I had to push myself out the door on Monday night for our guild. I have belonged to it for several years and know several people, but this past year I have really became a home body more and more. But I was so glad to have gone monday night, I had a nice conversation with our speaker Karen Walker from Portland Oregon. Today I am pushing myself out the door for a sewing day with a group of friends.

  8. I’m so glad you received a warm and encouraging welcome after plucking up the courage to go along to the guild meeting. It is great to meet people face to face and give each other inspiration and help with projects. I hope you’ll soon develop some really good friendships that move outside of guild meetings into homes and smaller sew and chat meetings ☺

  9. SarahZ says:

    Oh Beth! I am so happy for you! It seems a quilting group would be a great fit, and a natural habitat for you! I am sure it won’t be long before you are that sweet woman including and explaining things to newcomers! I look forward to updates on your guild doings!!! I got to sew with a group a couple times while out in Montana. I lived too far out to make it regularly, but I even enjoyed just getting the newsletters in the mail, lol!

  10. Kristin says:

    I live in a fairly rural part of Alaska (but on the road system! 2+ hours away from a quilt shop…), which used to have a quilt guild, and recently talked to my quilty co-worker about just getting a few of the local quilters for just a get together, you know, coffee, snacks, and maybe passing around pics or an actual project for praise and approval. Maybe even eventually for a possible destash event if we get enough people coming. I just need to really clean the house and get the nerve up to plan and execute the idea!

  11. Congratulations for going to the meeting and joining the guild, Beth. I hope you form some wonderful relationships with local quilters and have a lot of fun!

  12. Anne Beier says:

    Good for you, Beth. That’s great news. I am like you – not liking to draw attention to myself. When I went to Sew Pro in the fall, I felt very nervous about going up to people I didn’t know and introducing myself. Fortunately two things happened.
    First, Pat Sloan, who is very good at this, gave us all a big pep talk about introducing ourselves everywhere at the conference during the next two days. So I figured, what have I got to loose. She’s a pro at this. So I did it at the coffee bar, which was on my way to the next event. Everyone was friendly there, and attending the conference. Good warm-up.
    Secondly, I went to the meet and greet. And a woman who must have heard the same pep talk, came up to me and did exactly what Pat recommended for us to do and introduce ourselves. She said the same thing I just said. We became friends, and met a lot of really wonderful people
    that night, and are still in touch.
    I totally understand how you felt in the car before getting out. But it does feel good to get through that and meet good people.

  13. Jen R. says:

    Way to go! I am one of those people that usually prefers my own little world as well. But sometimes it is good for us to get out there and meet with people we have something in common with just to visit and enjoy ourselves. I am glad you were able to meet some friendly people there and dig right in! 🙂

  14. Karen Goad says:

    good luck!! not all quilt guilds are the same – I tried my local one two different times and made no good friends either time, rarely would someone talk to someone they hadn’t know since childhood or attended the same church. I was so disappointed with it the first time, I gave it a year of monthly meetings and quit – I waited 5 years before I went back thinking surely it had changed – by then I had met a few of the ladies at quilt shops and the like and thought ok it will be different now – it wasn’t – they were friendlier than they had been but never to the point of being real true friends – I gave it up when not one offered condolences when my mom died – and I know some of them knew – it made me feel bad and after 3 years of giving it a shot I quite again. I didn’t need that kind of worthless friendships – I really and truly hope yours will be better – I have run into other quilters in the area that I had never seen at the guild meetings and after talking found out my experiences with the guild was normal and that they had a very unfriendly reputation.

  15. Tish says:

    Beth, I’m so proud of you! I wish I lived just a bit closer, I would be right at that meeting with you. It took me several years before I got enough courage to go to the Quilters At Heart meetings, but once I attended a few meetings and got to know names, I felt right at home.

  16. I am happy for you. I am a founding member of our local quilt guild that’s been around since 1992 (Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild of Southern WV—we meet in Union,WV the second Saturday of each month)….and though at times “life” has kept me from attending meetings membership has been nothing but a wonderful experience. Not only is their camaraderie, learning new tecniques, meeting new people, but also an opportunity for you to shine—to share your work and to teach others. You’ll be glad you joined. (p.s. I have mirrors in my sewing room and studio as well—-mine is a feng shui reason—-I think it helps). Blessings from Monroe County, WV.

  17. Pam Ralston says:

    I have been thinking of joining my local guild for……years. It just hasn’t happened. You have inspired me to try. Thank you !

  18. Well, I am proud of you! I can well remember the first time I went to our quilt group. I tagged along with a friend, because I didn’t want to go alone. Now that I’ve been with the group, I agree that being face to face with others really is so good. They are so encouraging and friendly. I did my first presentation last night (was nervous). It went ok, and that’s ok. Way to go on stepping out of the comfort zone!

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