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There are so many free motion quilting designs and possibilites. One search on the Internet will yield thousands of results. I have several books that show many designs and have been using a lot of them.

In an effort to organize some of my favorite designs I have quilted 15″x15″ samples and assembled them in a free motion quilting ‘book.’ This makes it easier to understand how a design will fit and feel on a quilt. It is just easier for me and my clients to see the design actually quilted than to work from a drawn sample.

This page is where I will share those quilted samples with you, and is a work in progress.  I will add more pictures as I make more pages, so check back often for updates. I will try to update with a post as well so you will know when an addition is made to this page.

I will also link back to posts that show a particular design in use in my quilts so you can see it in action.

Have fun browsing!

I will try to credit the designer when showing a design, but don’t always know who to credit. If you see a design with no credit given and know who the designer is, please let me know and I will update this page.
Lots of designs can be adapted for use in borders; these are just a few. From top to bottom they are: L’s & E’s, Climbing Leaves, Wavy S’s.

FMQ Borders


This Watery Meander (Christina Cameli’s blog – A Few Scraps) is a good design to use all over. It can be spaced further apart for a more cuddly quilt, or tighter together for a denser feel. It can also be used in small areas as a filler design.

FMQ - Watery Meander

The Echoed Clamshell design can be done all over, or used as a background filler. It’s a versatile design that changes the way it looks and feels when the size is changed. This is one of my favorite looks.

FMQ - Clamshells or Paisley

This I call Beads on a String. It can be quilted with just the strings of beads, or have curvy lines quilted between each string for added texture. I’ve shown both designs on this one sample.

The following design is called Gossamer and is from Christina Cameli’s newest book, “Step by Step Free Motion Quilting.” This design would be great as a background filler.

This page shows multiple designs. The top is a Loopy Meander which is wonderful as an allover quilting design. It is a quick design to quilt and keeps your quilt soft and cuddly.

In the middle I have quilted a Pebble design and Matchstick design. Both are great as background fillers. The Matchstick design can also be done all over a quilt and provides beautiful texture.

The bottom design is a Stipple and can be quilted very small or large. I have changed the size on the quilted sample to show the differences. It works very well as an all over design and like the Loopy Meander, keeps your quilt soft and cuddly.




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