QD Batting – Review

On Wednesday I posted that I was getting ready to use Quilters Dream Request weight (white) in a project and promised to share my experience. The original post is {here}. Quilters Dream is my favorite batting, but I’ve never used the Request weight until this week.

Quilters Dream Batting

My initial reaction on taking the batting out of the package was how soft it was. Then when I unfolded it to make the quilt sandwich I was surprised at how thin it was. The packaging does state that it’s a thin batting so I should have expected it, but I’ve never worked with anything this thin before.

Because of the thickness, I almost used two layers. But I really wanted to see how a single layer of the batting works in a quilt so I ended up using just one layer.

Quilters Dream White Cotton Batting

My machine was a little temperamental when I first started the quilting. Using the same material and batting as my project, I practiced a bit first. I initially was going to use a variegated Aurifil thread but tension issues forced me to change my mind. I went to my ‘go to’ Superior So Fine! thread and it was better. I feel like the batting is so thin it’s difficult to get the threads to lock inside the batting like they should – they wanted to lay on the top or bottom. However, after a couple of adjustments I was okay with the way the stitching looked and it will probably be better after washing the quilt.


The top of the quilt is a simple block design using multiple prints from a layer cake and the back is the raspberry print I showed you Wednesday. After the quilt was finished, I held it up and I could see the design of the top through the back. So that is definitely a thin batting!

I will say I love the softness of the finished quilt and the way it drapes. I can see this batting being useful in summer baby quilts, picnic quilts, or light throws.

Draping of Batting

I also love how bright the white fabrics look, so I will definitely use white batting in the future. For the type of projects I do, the Quilters Dream Select weight is a better option, I’m just going to have to find it in white.

As I said earlier, the Quilters Dream is my favorite of the battings I’ve tried thus far.  I love that it’s so easy to work with and there is way less lint/fuzz/batting bunnies than with some other battings. It’s a bit more expensive than others I’ve tried, but because it’s so nice I don’t mind paying the extra.

Please note – I’m not being compensated in any way from any one for this review – it’s just my honest opinion.  I like to read about other quilters experiences with products they use, and thought it would be useful to share mine.

Even though I can’t share the quilt with you just yet it is still a finish so I’m linking up with Finish it Up Friday and Link a Finish Friday. Be sure to check out all the great projects!



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2 Responses to QD Batting – Review

  1. Susan says:

    Just FYI, I had a longarm business for 10 years. The only batting I used (and I included it in my pricing for my clients, with no price break if they wanted to send me some other batting, so … they never did!) was QD Select cotton in white or natural. I tried a lot of different brands during the six months I was practicing the freehand quilting I did, before opening for clients, and QD was the best of them all – softest, draped best, and washed best. A baby quilt I made for someone was washed weekly for two years and still looked brand new! I never use anything else in my quilts. I’ve used request cotton for hand quilting projects. If I ever WERE going to use a poly, it would be the QD poly, since it almost feels like the cotton. =)

  2. I like Quilter’s Dream batting, too, but I have never used this particular loft. I will definitely keep it in mind when someone wants a light weight quilt, though. 🙂

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