MCM #51 – Giveaway Winner, New Project, and an Accountability Partner

Wow, we have a lot to get to on this Main Crush Monday, less than two weeks before Christmas! Even though I feel like we keep the holiday low key at my house, there is still plenty to keep me busy. Busy enough that I shouldn’t be starting a new quilt project.

But does that stop me? Noooooo….. I brought home a couple yards of some gorgeous ombre fabric, and before I knew it I had this:

Ombre Rectangles

Three hundred and sixty rectangles, cut and ready to sew.

I have decided to make an ombre version of my Spinning pattern. You know, just because. Yesterday afternoon I started sewing, and with chain-piecing it goes pretty quickly.

Chain Piecing Spinning

This is one of those projects that I shouldn’t be working on but I just can’t help myself. Do you ever find yourself doing that? 🙂

But – I have a customer quilt that I absolutely, positively, MUST work on today. Let’s hope I can stay disciplined enough to keep the ombre in the project box for the next few days!


I have been doing a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work here at the Cooking Up Quilts blog that involves planning for 2017. During the second half of 2016 I focused on participating more in the online quilting community, as well as in my local quilt community. My goals are simple: To meet other quilters to receive and provide inspiration, to increase my skills and grow as a quilter, and to get printed copies of my patterns into publications and more brick and mortar stores.

The groundwork is beginning to pay off and next year promises to provide new opportunities that I’m really excited about.

Even though there is a lot happening, sometimes — as a blogger — it can feel as if I’m working in a vacuum. And even though I know what my goals are, it would be easy for me to let go of one or two of them if I don’t share them with anyone. This is where what I call an accountability partner can be a real asset.

All of us have that one friend that tells us like it is, right? Whether it’s trying on clothes (get that off!), dating (he’s NOT the one for you), a work-related issue (get your big girl pants on and ask for that raise!), or any other life issue, she/he will tell you like it is. And for the most part, we know that person is right and appreciate their honesty.

I think it’s important for us, as quilter/bloggers, to have that same type of relationship with other quilter/bloggers who can relate to what we’re doing or trying to do. Someone to bounce ideas off of, to provide feedback on an idea, or just listen when we’re having a time of it.

I have found that person in Julie @ Pink Doxies. Julie and I met through our blogs, talked by phone for months, and then finally met in person over the summer. We live within easy reach – only about 2 hours away which is a real bonus. We have chosen to be a support person for each other in our quilting journey.

One of the most interesting aspects of our relationship is that Julie and I approach quilting and blogging quite differently. I’m more mainstream, and Julie pushes boundaries and experiments more. I want to write patterns; she wants to dye her own fabrics. It has been fun to see the path she has taken, and watch her interests evolve over time. When we talk, her perspective always gives me a “why didn’t I think of that” moment and encourages me to think outside the box a bit.

Julie and I both have specific goals for 2017, and while we may not publish them (or all of them) here, we are encouraging each other to reach for those goals.

For this new year, I would encourage you to find someone you can share your goals with. Maybe you already have someone….maybe you need more than one person. I’ve met several quilters through this blog who support me in different ways and I value all of them. There are a few who push me to be better just by reading and commenting here, and they don’t even know it. Maybe it’s time to tell them, right??

I would love to hear how you approach goal-setting and accountability. Please share with us in the comments.


Now we have one more bit of business before we get to this week’s Main Crush Monday party. What business, you ask?

Oh yeah, that business! First though, I want to welcome all new followers. THANK YOU for following along! I hope you find inspiration here, on Instagram and Facebook and enjoy going on this crazy quilting/blogging journey with me.

Congratulations to Esther G! Esther is the winner of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway and will receive a $20 gift certificate to Fort Worth Fabric Studio. Esther, I have emailed you!


Now, because this post is so long already we’ll get right to the linky party. What has you excited to be in your sewing space this week? Are you working on last minute Christmas gifts? Or has a special project distracted you (like me!) Please share!

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15 Responses to MCM #51 – Giveaway Winner, New Project, and an Accountability Partner

  1. Bonnie in Va says:

    I hear you on goals. I’ve posted weekly goals for several years. I usually succeed but not always. But publishing on the blog and then letting folks know my successes and failures does motivate me a lot! I’ve also had great luck with the One Monthly Goal program. Hopefully, this month I will actually finish the quilt I’ve been working on almost the whole year! Yea for Goals!

  2. SarahZ says:

    I definitely try and write down quilting goals, or I will forget as new pretties appear, lol! Your ombre fabrics look amazing! So glad to be linking up again, even if I am a day late! 🙂

  3. Kate Heads says:

    I have a lot of things in my head I want to do, but I never write it down, you have made me think. I’ve been loosing my way the last few months, a lot of stuff happening, I already realised I need a shake and an accountability partner would help further. I know just the one, I fellow new quilt blogger 2016. Thank you Beth, I’m off to write my list and send an email.

  4. acbeier71 says:

    An accountability partner is a great idea. I take on way many more projects and extra work hours at the library, than I should. I say “yes” too many times than I should, but now I am thinking about my answer for 24-36 hours before I answer. So I am getting better than this.
    I think with me, I could accomplish tons of projects, because when I was in my 20″s, I would not sleep, too get all my commitments done. Well guess what? I’m not in my 20’s anymore, and I have health issues. I would love to find a partner like you have with Julie. Bottom line – I have to stay realistic about what is really accomplishable, (this not a real word), or not so much.
    If you know anyone who is looking for an accountability partner, please let me know. Thanks Beth for posting this. Very insightful and helpful.

  5. Um, yes, I completely get starting another project just because, even though other projects are priority! Can’t wait to see your ombre quilt! Goals are so important. My business has done better this year with clear goals in how I spend my time.

  6. Jen Rosin says:

    Finding a project that I really want to work on “just because” happens to me ALL the time. It seems to happen a lot when I have a few deadlines I have been putting off. 🙂 If it is what is making you happy at the moment though, then I say Go for it and Have Fun!
    I love the idea of an accountability partner. It is always nice to have someone that you can chat with about your progress and who keeps you on task.

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  8. Having an accountability partner is a good idea, Beth, and I’m glad you and Julie are able to support one another that way. If anyone is looking for a community of goal setting, I’ll be hosting a 2017 “planning linky party” starting later this week where people can share publicly through their blogs what their goals are for next year. I find writing them down helps me a lot, and who knows, maybe someone will find their partner through the link up!

    And good luck staying away from the ombre project. It’s delicious and would be hard to set aside. 🙂

  9. Tish says:

    I think an accountability buddy is a great idea! I know in the new year, I will be taking goal setting much more seriously. Writing things down this last quarter, has really helped me to stay on task. Good luck staying our of that ombre fabric. It is just gorgeous!!! It has to be calling to you 🙂

  10. I like to set goals too – I find that a year at a time it too much, and so I work on one quarter at a time, with having those yearly goals in the back of my head…. Good luck on keeping your ombre quilt in the box 😉

  11. I generally write my goals down and don’t have an accountability partner. I have a quilting friend that I share what I am working on and I share through my blog. Maybe an accountability partner would help me get even more accomplished. I can’t wait to see how your top comes together.

  12. Karen Goad says:

    I finished machine quilting my queen size scrappy quilt on my Juki yesterday – it took me a week to do it and I met the goal of having it done and out of my way in a week. I don’t really set goals all that much – I quilt when I feel like it and move projects along as I feel like it. My goal the last couple years is to use my scraps and stash and I have been meeting that goal quit easily.

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  14. I’ve never considered myself a goal setter, but I do set goals more than I realize. Although I have been quilting for many years, I have been very reluctant to share my work, thinking that it wouldn’t be up to par with others. Blogging, joining a quilt group, and just putting myself out there a bit more has changed that for the better. I’m hoping to share more goals this coming year. I do have friends that encourage me; however, I’ve never specifically asked them to be accountability partners.

  15. Kate says:

    We do a lot with annual goals at work, so I’ve gotten lots of training on setting and accomplishing goals. That has spilled over into my quilting. The two biggest helps has been putting together a quilting plan that spells out what I want to get done in the next year (finishes and starts). The One Monthly Goal hosted by Elm Street Quilts has been a great way to be held accountable for one thing per month.

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