MCM #112 – Mark ‘Card Trick’ off my To Do List!

Yes, you read that right – Card Trick (for lack of a better name) is a finish! I am sooo happy with the end result.

Card Trick quilt

This quilt is so big; I’m not tall enough to get the entire quilt in the picture!

I worked really hard to have this finished on Saturday but it was not to be.ย  We had a beautiful spring day with tons of sunshine and I wanted to get some lovely outside pictures for you. Sunday it was rainy and gloomy, but I did manage to snap some pictures between the rain showers. I really want to take this one on a photo shoot that does it justice.

Quilting this one was fun, and it went fairly quickly. I found a quilt path that allowed me to quilt each block without breaking thread. As quilters, you know how time-saving that is!

Quilt pathI wanted to get in there and do all kinds of dense quilting on the blue sashing and skinny cream border but I showed a lot of restraint. This quilt is for my mother-in-law, and I needed to keep some of the cuddle factor for her. So, a couple straight lines in the sashing and a stitch-in-the-ditch cream border is all I would allow myself to do.

I did stitch piano keys in the outer border; I couldn’t help myself! It’s my favorite border treatment. I just love the look it gives a quilt.

Piano Key Border

On the corners I added these straight lines that give a bit of a sunburst effect. I think it’s a great way to transition from vertical to horizontal lines. I first saw this corner treatment on a top quilted by Tish and I have shamelessly copied it several times. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Tish!

Corner quilting detail

And look at the back – I am head over heels in love with how the quilting design shows on the back. The backing is a Grunge wideback and it feels SO soft. It has a bit of a silky feel to it and it felt great when I wrapped this quilt around me. You guys do that too – give all your quilts the ‘cuddle test’ before gifting them, right??

At the quilt shop where I work they carry a couple of the Grunge widebacks and have a difficult time keeping them in stock. They are a good seller and it’s easy to see why. I would love to have bolts of this stuff at my house!

Quilting Texture

Indoor Picture

Texture on back

Outdoor Picture

I guess you can probably tell how pleased I am to have this finished and I’m really looking forward to gifting it to my MIL. She is going through a difficult time right now, and I hope this helps in some small way.

The good news is I have a finish. Yay! The bad news is I like this color combination so much (I know, not me at all!) that I want one for my own bed. Someone please stop me now!!

Oh, I almost forgot….I wanted to share this picture of my most recent Beginning Quilting class. I had 7 students, we usually cap it at 6 due to space constraints, but made an exception for this group. They were the most fun to work with, and everyone finished their project. I’m just so happy for all of them. One of the most exciting things was having a 12-year-old in class who, before the class series was over, bought a sewing machine with her own money and started a second quilt project on her own. She has the quilting bug!!

beginning quilting class

Lauren, 12 yo, is the third from the right.

I don’t know how much piecing or quilting I’ll get to do this week. I have a heavier than usual work schedule at the shop and, yuckity yuck yuck, I have to do taxes. Bleh! I know, I should’ve had them finished already but I have really procrastinated on doing them this year. So, if you could send good vibes my way on Tuesday and Wednesday I’d appreciate it! LOL

I’m going to be riding the high of this finish most of the week, and I would love for you to share what your crush is this week. It’s time for you to link up your crushes and projects that have you excited to be in your sewing space. You can link up any blogpost, Instagram or Flickr pic – here’s how:

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22 Responses to MCM #112 – Mark ‘Card Trick’ off my To Do List!

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  2. I am sure I did not know about the Grunge widebacks! Gotta check those puppies out. Oh yes, on cuddle test! This turned out so well, and it’s been such fun watching it come together, Beth! I hope you can share how your MIL reacted when you gave it to her. I also just love love love the texture on the back. I have realized lately that not every quilt has to have the snot quilted out of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Preeti says:

    Card Trick is beautiful. What is in a name, when the quilting is so exquisite ๐Ÿ™‚ You are a very good DIL. I made it a goal to finish the taxes before I left to meet Mari at the Lancaster Quilt Show.

  4. Tish says:

    Beth, you outdid yourself! I love everything about it, the quilting, those yummy blue fabrics, Grunge on the back and Blue Skies on the front. You get me. I’m so happy to be your MIL…oh, wait. I’m not your MIL, I’m just trying to trick you into giving me this quilt! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m like you, I love framing a quilt with piano keys and you rocked the corner bursts. That’s what we will call them ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. How marvelous! They all did wonderful quilts. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Very beautiful, congratulations on a job very well done. And yes, cuddle testing is a must! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Deana says:

    The machine quilting is so very beautiful! Congrats on a lovely finish.

  8. chrisknits says:

    Wow, it is gorgeous! Everything about it is perfect. I hope your MIL finds comfort in her new quilt.

  9. Beautiful stitching! What kind of batting are you using? It really makes the design stand out. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be finishing up on tax stuff too…

  10. You did such beautiful quilting, Beth. That is just wonderful. The piano key quilting works so well with busy borders. And I love the corner accent you hacked (if that’s the right word!) Great smiling faces on all those new quilters.

  11. Beautiful finish! It reminds me of blue and white porcelain dishes. No wonder you want one of your own! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And thanks for sharing the back so I can really scrutinize the quilting motifs and how you kept a continuous line in each block. SO helpful! Am I seeing correctly that you don’t always do stitch in the ditch except as a way to move between blocks?

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  13. Congratulations on the gorgeous finish, Beth, and I do hope it helps provide love and comfort to your MIL in this difficult time. The beginning quilting class participants look so happy! I hope that your taxes go smoothly and you find more time to sew than you expect this week.

  14. The quilting on the back is exquisite!!!! Your mother-in-law will love it. OK. Maybe making her this one was really worth it. Working at a quilt shop is my dream job but I’d never take any pay home. And yes, I cuddle test it before giving. But not too long, as then they’d never reach their destination.

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  16. Liz W. says:

    Card Trick is so beautiful, and your quilting is gorgeous! Yay for a quilt path that allows each block to be quilted without breaking thread, isn’t that just the holy grail? I know your MIL will enjoy it.

  17. Bonnie in Va says:

    Your quilting is fabulous. I will have to hunt down some of that grunge wide back. Well, once I finish a big quilt again.

  18. sylvia says:

    The quilt is beautiful! I love blue! The quilting is lovely, great finish!

  19. Jayne says:

    Yay to a finish! I am sure your MIL will love it and equally sure that it will make her day and give her many years of comfort and joy! Beautiful quilting!

  20. Oh that turned out so Gorgeous!! the quilting is awesome!

  21. Look at that beautiful quilt! A great finish, and I’m sure it will cheer your MIL as she goes through this tough time. You are a busy lady. I had hoped to have a post ready for today, but no. So just here cheering you on!

  22. Kate says:

    Card Trick turned out so beautifully! Congrats on a wonderful finish. If it makes you feel any better, taxes are on my list too for next weekend. Double yuk!

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