Main Crush Monday

Main Crush Monday

Let’s talk about Main Crush Monday.

A few weeks ago I had the TV on while I was playing around with some fabric I’d just received in the mail. I heard a girl talking about Main Crush Monday and thought to myself, this fabric is my crush today.  And then I thought, I bet other people play with their fabric and crush on it too, wouldn’t it be nice to see what others are working with or see the projects they’re working on?

So, I’d like to invite you to link up anything at all that you are feeling super excited about – it can be a fabric line, a print, a project, a block, a pattern, a new tool, your sewing room, sewing machine, an entire quilt, whatever.

It’s also a good time to get feedback from others. For example, I have the Rosewater Jelly Roll and I’m not sure what project to use it on.  Someone in quilt blog land might have a pattern it would be perfect for.

Each week I’ll have a link so you can link your blog post that describes your crush.

FYI: My niece informed me that what I heard was Man Crush Monday.  I had to laugh – I guess I heard what I wanted to hear!!! 🙂



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  3. melissa says:

    I follow you by email and look forward to Mondays! Keep up the good work!

  4. melissa says:

    I live for online shopping………….we live so far away from town and this is the best thing since home canned peaches with icecream. You order and like magic it appears on my front porch…… making a list going to town.

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