A New (Used) Machine

Oh boy!  A couple weeks ago Mom and I spent a long weekend visiting my sister in Pennsylvania. While there, we went to several quilt shops (Sis is an avid quilter), and on a spur of the moment kind of thing we stopped in her local Janome shop.

She walked out with a smile on her face and pocketbook intact.

I walked out with a Janome Memory Craft 6500 Professional. And a smile on my face. Not to mention a bit of a sick feeling in my stomach. What had I just done?


I tried to ease the stomach pain I felt by reminding myself the machine I bought was a trade-in and I got a super good deal on it. But, I had NO INTENTION of buying a machine – the thought never crossed my mind. I’m weak — I admit it.

Janome Stitch Guide

Janome Stitch Guide

I’m still learning all the bells and whistles, but I can say this – I love this machine!! The two features I love the most so far are the needle down feature, and the thread clipper. It’s the little things, you know?

Sis and I named her LeAnn, which is a combo of both our names, to commemorate our fun weekend together.

I’m almost ready to try free motion quilting and can’t wait to use LeAnn for that.

I still have my White 1505, which I will always love. She’s been with me from the beginning of my sewing adventures and still sews like a dream. I can’t imagine ever letting her go.

What machine do you use?


About Beth

I’m a wife, mother of two, and lover of all things crafty. I love to cook up new things in the kitchen and in my craft room, and sometimes get “licking the spoon” mixed up with “licking the fabric”!!

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5 Responses to A New (Used) Machine

  1. dezertsuz says:

    I smiled when I read this. I have acquired a machine that way in the past, too. I remember when the machine first came out, not because I have one, but a friend came home from work and, for her birthday, found one, still sitting in its box, in the middle of her kitchen floor – from her husband. We all thought he was the best husband ever. =) How fun to see the start of your blog. Congratulations on having such a popular spot two years later!

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  3. Jasmine says:

    I have been having fun reading through your old posts. And I have this same exact machine. I used it for quilting for ten years before buying my Tiara. I still do most of my piecing on my old Pfaff machine. I still like using this machine for the walking foot.

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  5. carol collins says:

    beth my friend melissa have been know to lick the fabric too. some of it is so yummy you just can’t help yourself. you quilts are beautiful . you machine is sewlicious. my new word. it was so good to see you and keep up the good work carol

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