Friday Finish: What’s in a Name?

Alphabet Soup

Many of you may remember that my niece passed away almost two years ago in a tragic hiking accident. As you can imagine, it was a terrible loss for our family. We miss Jen every day.

Almost nine months after Jen died, her cousin (my niece #2) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was named after the cousin she will never know, and I love that she was given Jen’s name as a way to remember and honor one who was gone too soon.

This weekend we are in a celebratory mood around here – Baby Jenny just turned one and she is turning out to be quite a little princess!


All little princesses need a name banner for their royal sleeping chambers, so Aunt Beth went right to work!

Alphabet Soup Wallhanging

I used the letter patterns from Jaybird’s Alphabet Soup book to make a name wallhanging. Those letters are so much fun to make!

Jenny wallhanging

I took Jenny’s wallhanging to the play area at the local park and had so much fun grabbing these pictures. Several of the children came over to help and asked lots of questions – the one I got a kick out of was ‘are you having a party here?’ I enjoyed having them around and talking with them.

Alphabet Soup Wallhanging

I quilted the banner with silver metallic thread. It adds just the right amount of sparkle, and we all know sparkle is mandatory for a princess!

Superior's Metallic Thread

The backing is the same ombre fabric used to make the letters. I cut off the darkest and the lightest ends and just used the middle section of the fabric for the back. I think the way it fades from one color to the next is soooo pretty.

ombre fabric

The binding is the same fabric as well. Looking at this makes me think of hot summer days spent with a cool cup of shaved ice. Yum…

Ombre Binding

I know that Jen would have loved Baby Jenny – she was such a natural with children, and young kids were drawn to her. So today’s photo shoot at the park seemed like the right thing to do. Working on the banner this week was a lot of fun, although a bit bittersweet at the same time. But I was able to pour all my love for both girls into the banner, and I’m excited to give Princess Jenny such a fun quilted piece.

Today I’m linking with Myra’s Finished or Not Friday party and Crazy Mom Quilts



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I’m a wife, mother of two, and lover of all things crafty. I love to cook up new things in the kitchen and in my craft room, and sometimes get “licking the spoon” mixed up with “licking the fabric”!!

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20 Responses to Friday Finish: What’s in a Name?

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  2. I was thinking about Jen just a few days ago. A beautiful celebration of both Jen-s! You did a great job!


  3. Oh my, it’s been that long already? I remember reading about the heartache on your blog. Such a lovely tribute to have a niece by her name. And LOVE your quilt! Thanks for linking to Finished or Not Friday!

  4. Judy B says:

    Yes, grief is so hard. Your name banner is a lovely tribute to Jen , while being a wonderful name banner for baby Jenny. Great job, love the ombre fabric.

  5. Kaye Hlavaty says:

    What a sweet story. Blessings on all of you!

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  7. Bonnie in Va says:

    What a heart tugging story. But a wonderful person to name a new baby in the family. Love the name banner. The fabric you chose certainly will enhance the princess’s sleeping chamber!

  8. What a sweet tribute, and a wonderful banner

  9. Diane says:

    Wonderful tribute…lovely banner…grief is so hard…so very hard xoxo

  10. Lynne Tilley says:

    Such a beautiful banner, a beautiful baby girl, and a loving tribute to your niece. Thanks so much for sharing your sweet story.

  11. Andrea H says:

    An absolutely darling banner for a darling little princess. What a beautiful way to commemorate both Jen and Jenny. –Andrea

  12. What a beautiful tribute to both princesses.

  13. Such a sweet banner for a sweet child.

  14. What a gorgeous name banner to honor two beautiful, loved Jens in your life. I hope that fond, happy memories of your niece bring you some comfort, and that new happy experiences with little Jen fill your heart with even more love.

  15. Liz W. says:

    What a beautiful quilt! It is such a sweet gift for a little girl, and what a loving tribute her name is. Is Alphabet Soup hard? I’m not much of a piecer.

  16. Shellie says:

    So beautiful!! I know Jenny will love it! Hope you have a great weekend!!1

  17. Kathy E. says:

    This is such a beautiful sentiment for 2 girls you love. Putting so much love into a project like this makes it all the sweeter to give. Little Jenny will treasure it always!

  18. What a special and precious little one! Shaved ice is the perfect description for the backing and binding!

  19. ioleen kimmel says:

    Beautiful little princess and the banner is gorgeous.

  20. I have such a hard time thinking it has been almost 2 years, Beth. What a sweet, sweet, tribute to name this precious little girl after Jenn and what a beautiful banner for her birthday! <3

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