Deconstructed – Not!

One thing I love to do when I have time is watch cooking shows. The creativity of many of the chefs is amazing, especially in a competition setting. One of the things they occasionally do is take a regular dish (like mac and cheese) and make a “deconstructed” version.

So, I thought it would be fun to take a quilt pattern that I love and try to make a deconstructed quilt. I started with the Scrappy Tiles pattern by Meadow Mist Designs. It’s a fun quilt to make and uses layer cakes or scraps.

(Excuse the picture – it’s a whopping 13 degrees outside so I opted to take the pic indoors.)

Deconstructed - Flimsy Quilt Top

Once I started making the blocks I decided NOT to mess with the pattern too much. It’s such a great pattern and my thought is why mess with a good thing? (I mean really.  Why would you want to mess with perfectly good mac and cheese??) I ended up making the blocks as instructed and adding sashing to make the quilt a bit bigger. The sashing also draws attention to the individual blocks and allows the fabrics to really be the star.

Scrappy tiles Block

The fabrics are from the Palermo line by Erin McMorris for Free Spirit Fabrics. They have such a fun, vintage vibe and they are a pleasure to work with.  I love working with happy fabric, don’t you?

Anyway, my first attempt at making a ‘deconstructed’ quilt didn’t quite work out. But I’m okay with that. I do plan on trying again when I have more time to play around.

Here’s the backing and binding fabric for when I have time to finish the quilt.

Palermo fabric line

The top is finished – for now. I am debating whether I want to add another border, and I also have to piece the back. But I have to set this project aside while I work on another one. I’m excited to see it finished soon!

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I'm a wife, mother of two, and lover of all things crafty. I love to cook up new things in the kitchen and in my craft room, and sometimes get "licking the spoon" mixed up with "licking the fabric"!!
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14 Responses to Deconstructed – Not!

  1. I love it! The sashing gives the pattern a whole new feel and I love the mix of colors and prints you used, beautiful!

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  3. It’s funny how that happens, isn’t it? No matter how much we quilters plan and plot, it’s not uncommon for a project to end up differently than we originally imagined. And what happy fabrics to be working with right now — they make me think that spring is closer than it is. : )

  4. Such a pretty quilt! What lovely fabrics! You were right not to mess with this mac and cheese…. It looks delicious as is!

  5. SO pretty! I really like how the white sashing highlights the blocks. Beautiful work!!

  6. Susan says:

    I love this. The sashing really makes it so much better – less confusing design lines. I’m not sure what deconstructing a quilt is. Could you define that a bit?

  7. mell-meyer says:

    Hey, visiting fom WIP Wednesday. Like the block layout and the sashing really makes it pop. It looks beautifull. I like improv looking blocks that are not really improv – put the pattern on my wishlist 🙂

  8. Oh I just love your fabric choices. I’m sitting in -15 degree temps right now and your quilt top looks sooo warm!! Nice work 🙂

  9. Afton says:

    I can’t say that I blame you for avoiding the outdoors. I’d stay inside too. I’m picturing serving my kids deconstructed mac and cheese. “Mom, why are there noodles and shredded cheese on my plate?””It’s deconstructed mac and cheese, honey.””Huh?” Who am I kidding? They’d probably like it. Deconstructed or not, your quilt top looks nice. I like how the bright pink and orange stand out here and there.

  10. Anne Beier says:

    Beth – This is a lovely quilt and love the fabrics. Well done. I love Food TV Network too, and have it on in the background while I’m sewing. My favorites are Giada, Pioneer Woman, Chopped, Bobby Flay and the competition – Who will be the next Food TV Network Star. How about you?

  11. knitnkwilt says:

    I like your quilt with sashing; can’t imagine it without. So deconsructed means cut into a finished top? I was thinking more along the lines of tinkering with the block. I’d not be too quick to cut into something just pieced either (though I suppose it makes as much sense as cutting fabric up to sew it back together. Visiting from WIP WEd

  12. Linda Dutch says:

    Yes I too like it the way it is! It’s very pretty… and I l really love your colour combo! I’m sure there will be something else you can experiment on, in a improv kinda way! Linda

  13. I know what you mean about not being able to cut into a perfectly beautiful quilt top! There is a pattern I have made twice that starts with bento squares. Then you cut the blocks into quarters and rearrange all the pieces into the final quilt top. It makes for a beautiful finished quilt, but the original blocks are so pretty, too, and I always struggle to cut into the first block. 🙂

  14. Vicki in MN says:

    It’s very pretty, glad you didn’t deconstruct it, I like it the way it is!

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