Baby Quilt Finish

Remember this baby quilt I whipped up from scraps a couple weeks ago?

Scrap Orange Baby QuiltI finally finished the quilting, got the binding on, and delivered it to our Kid’s Quilts group on Friday. I haven’t posted about it because I have really yucky pictures. I don’t know about where you are, but here in West Virginia, we’ve seen nothing but rainy and cloudy days for what seems like weeks. So I snapped a couple quickie indoor pics with my phone and posted them on Instagram. But I really want you to see the quilting, so you are going to get to see the finished quilt crappy pictures and all!

Orange-Scrap-Baby-QuiltI love the quilting on this. First I stitched in the ditch around all the blocks and the triangle piecing. Then I quilted swirls in all the background squares. This design is fairly new to me, so I took my time with it. It was really good practice, and as I progressed I could see that the swirls were getting better.

I did not use the stitch regulator on this project. Because the area I was stitching was small and the movements were tiny, I had a difficult time keeping the regulator in a spot where it could read my movements. I ended up just listening to the speed of the machine – I got pretty good at telling when I was moving too fast or slow just by the sound.

It’s not perfect, but I am pleased with the quilting.

BindingI’m not excited about the binding, but it was leftover from a previous project and I really wanted to keep this a scrap/stash project. I also did the binding by machine. It’s not my favorite method, but for this it worked really well.

I’m happy to call this a finish!

Now, time to report on my second pattern for the #MayIsForMakers challenge. The pattern I chose is called The Carol Quilt by Erica of Kitchen Table Quilting. I’ve been following Erica’s blog for a while and this is the first pattern she has released for herself, although she has done previous work for magazines and fabric manufacturers.

The Carol Quilt

I have so many scraps that suddenly seems to have multiplied – I think I can use them in this pattern and it will be so pretty. I’m excited to give this quilt a try, but it might be a while – my To Do list is getting longer by the day! 🙂

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9 Responses to Baby Quilt Finish

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  2. Kate says:

    The quilting on the baby quilt turned out beautifully! I love how it echos the pattern in the orange fabric. What a great pattern for to use up some scarps. I think I need to book mark that one too.

  3. I have been enjoying seeing your progress on this sweet quilt on Instagram. Congratulations on a beautiful finish! Hope your weather clears up and you get some sun soon! The Carol Quilt is a really pretty pattern. What a great choice!

  4. The quilting looks so wonderful with the orange swirly fabric, Beth! Congratulations on a very beautiful finish!


  5. Jasmine says:

    We have also had a lot of rain. While I appreciate the moisture, it does make pictures more difficult. Your quilting is so pretty. What a great finish from your scraps.

  6. Tish says:

    The weather around here is not co-operating at all for picture taking. I love how this turned out. The swirls look amazing in the white sections. I need to practice them a bit more. I still kind of struggle with spacing and moving around the quilt with them.

  7. Very nice swirl quilting on the baby quilt; it does not look like it is new to you at all. And hooray for using up scraps. The new pattern you purchased it lovely and does look like it would lend itself to a scrap quilt beautifully.

  8. Sue J says:

    There’s been a lot of rain and overcast weather here in NC, too. I’m so glad you shared the photos on your blog. Sometimes it’s hard to get the photos we want. I love the pattern you used for the quilting. I don’t have a stitch regulator on my Sweet 16 and I find it tricky sometimes to get the stitches even. I like your method of listening to the machine. I put the binding on by machine for quilts I sell. Sometimes it’s the most practical method and for a baby quilt I think it’s a great idea. Scraps have a way of multiplying when we are not looking. I have a blanket bag full of them and I have no idea how I ended up with so many! The Carol quilt is such a pretty design and will look lovely scrappy!

  9. Gina says:

    That’s a great kids quilt. I like how you’ve quilted it too. The Carol qiult is gorgeous. I’ll be eagerly waiting for your version xx

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