Tutorial is Finished

I just uploaded the rewritten tutorial on the Nine Patch Totebag with Recessed Zipper as promised, albeit just a little late. Here is the second bag I made for picture taking purposes for the tutorial.

Halfway through the process I decided I wanted my bag to be shorter than the nine patch, so I grabbed my rotary cutter and zip! That top row came right off. 🙂 This is a great size, and I really love it.

Especially this pop of green as the lining. And polka dots! Who doesn’t love polka dots??

If you decide to make your own bag using my tutorial I would love to see what you make. Let me know if you have any questions – I’ll be happy to help!

Linking up this week with Lorna for Let’s Bee Social and Myra for Finished or Not Friday. I’m so happy to link up with these girls – it’s been a long time!

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MCM #61

It’s Monday again – are you ready for another Main Crush Monday? I hope you are because I love seeing all your fantastic projects. 🙂

Before we go to MCM, I just have to share this little tidbit with you. Yesterday I went to the grocery store early in the morning. You know, to get it done and over with (bleh!) As a reward to myself for tackling the shopping, I stopped at my favorite coffee shop on the way home for a frosty ice capp. (You thought I was going to say cafe mocha, didn’t you??)  The guy handed it to me and he had made a sweet little heart shape using chocolate syrup. Made my day. It’s the little things, you know?

Last week I had an unplanned hiatus from my sewing room, so I’ve made zero progress on my many projects. Let’s all hope that this week is different. Speaking of this week, I know many of you will be heading to Savannah for Quilt Con. I hope you have a fabulous time! I’ll be stalking Instagram so I can see all the fun you’ll be having – be sure to post lots of pics for those of us who won’t be there!

Since I don’t have any progress pics to show, let’s get on with MCM. But first, a look at a few of the link-ups from last week.

Sarah of 123 Quilt is working on a gray/white/black quilt that looks so great. Sometimes working with a calm color palette is like taking a deep breath. Or like sniffing the coffee beans after smelling all the scents at Bath & Body – know what I mean? It cleans the senses. I really like this top!

Photo by Sarah of 123 Quilt


Michelle of From Bolt to Beauty talks about how she tackled quilting an orange peel design using her walking foot on this sweet baby quilt. If you are on the fence about trying to quilt your own tops on your domestic machine, I encourage you to try. There are so many good tips, videos, and tutorials available to help get you started. Michelle’s post was interesting and encouraging – go check it out!

Photo by Michelle of From Bolt to Beauty


Nancy of Grace and Peace Quilting shared this beauty – it was pieced around 1940. I love old quilts! Be sure to click on over to her blog if you haven’t already. She has close-up pics of some of the blocks and the old prints are so fun to see. I enjoyed seeing this quilt.

Photo by Nancy of Grace and Peace Quilting


I’m so motivated now to get back into my sewing room! I hope you are too. So let’s see what you’re crushing on this week. What has you excited to be in your sewing space or creating this week? You can link any blog post, Instagram or Flickr pic – here’s how:

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Music Saturday

I’m sure many of you can relate when I say that music moves me. Ever since I was little I’ve loved listening to music. I’m not blessed with any type of musical talent – can’t play an instrument, and certainly can’t carry a tune although I belt them out anyway. If it makes me feel good, who cares that it doesn’t sound good, right?

I love music of all genres. I’m always switching up my playlist.  Hubby never knows what will be blasting through the house when he walks in the door. Pop, 70’s tunes, Christian/Gospel, Country, Alternative, Soul, Jazz, Reggae….there’s just So. Much. Good. Music!

For a fun post, I thought I would occasionally share a song here that I find uplifting, or gets me dancing, or makes me feel good. Saturday is a good day to share music – it will add a special lift to your weekend. 🙂

And this week’s choice? “I Wanna Go Back” by David Dunn. This is a new to me song I just discovered a few days ago. It speaks to me. Like, really speaks to me. It takes me back to a simpler time, before all the struggles I’ve faced as an adult. It reminds me to take a deep breath during those tough times – things will be alright.

This song is so much fun to sing along to, and it’s addictive! I had to stop listening to it on Thursday – I was singing waaay too much and not getting any of my work done.

I also love the video. The artist did a great job with it. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Here’s the link to the official video. I’ve added the lyrics below.

David Dunn – I Wanna Go Back Lyrics
From the album Yellow Balloons

When I was a kid
I was sure
I could run across the ocean
And I was gonna be an astronaut

When it was You and it was me
I had everything I needed
Faith could even move a mountain top

And then I grew up
And then I got older
Then my life got tough
And we grew apart

I wanna go back
To Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me
For the Bible tells me so
I wanna go back
To this little light
Gonna let it shine
Gonna let it shine
I wanna go back

When I was a kid
I didn’t care to keep up with the Jones’s
I was just happy that they lived next door

When it was You and it was me
I had everything I needed
Your hands were big enough to hold the world

And then I grew up
And then I got older
Then my life got tough
And we grew apart

I wanna go back
To Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me
For the Bible tells me so
I wanna go back
To this little light
Gonna let it shine
Gonna let it shine
I wanna go back

I wanna go back, back to
Yes, Jesus loves me

Do you have a song that you love to listen to right now? If so, I’d love if you shared it in the comments!


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2017 NQBBH – Registration

We are more than midway through the month, and Yvonne, Leanne and I would like to take this opportunity to remind you we are still accepting registrations for the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop.
New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop


The goal of the 6th annual New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop is to provide advice, tech help, and introduce new quilters to the online community. If you are a new quilt blogger and meet the criteria (see below), please indicate your interest in joining by filling out the registration form.

Participation in the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop is a great way to meet other bloggers and network in a friendly and encouraging environment. You can (and most likely will) make personal connections and lifelong quilting/blogging friends. I know I have met so many wonderful people online as well as in person as a result of my own participation three years ago.

2017 New Quilt Bloggers Participation / Sign Up Criteria

The technical criteria to participate in the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop is as follows:

  1. If you have been blogging mainly about quilting (this is, after all, the New QUILT Bloggers Blog Hop),
  2. for more than 2 months and less than 3 years,
  3. writing at least 4 posts a month,
  4. are willing to agree to be actively involved in the blog hop through visiting and commenting on the other blogger’s hop posts,
  5. and are willing to participate in the group discussions by signing up to join Slack (available for desktop and as an app for mobile devices).

Additional Details

  • Note that after you indicate your interest by filling out the registration form, you will not receive email confirmation until the beginning of March at the earliest.
  • We will accept 100 participants for the blog hop this year. The sign up form will be available until February 28th, 2017, or until we reach 100 participants.
  • Participation in the blog hop will consist of a significant time commitment. We believe that the more time you can dedicate to the blog hop, the more you will get out of it.
  • Tentative Schedule
    • Early March: Welcome participants via E-mail and get everyone into the Slack group to facilitate and begin the conversations.
    • March: Get to know one another through a series of weekly planned prompts through the Slack group.
    • March: Optional structured blog critique groups will be conducted.
    • April: First half (2 weeks) of blog hop.
    • May: Second half (2 weeks) of blog hop.

Advice for New Bloggers

Still weighing whether or not to participate? Here are a few summary posts by former participants outlining why they are happy to have participated:

Carla from Granny Maud’s Girl talks about some of the benefits she received by participating in the 2014 New Quilt Blogger blog hop in her post, Calling new quilt bloggers.

Anne from Hudson Valley Quilts reviews a lot of what she learned during the 2014 New Quilt Bloggers blog hop in her post, NEW QUILT BLOGGERS BLOG HOP – 2017

If you have questions you would like answered prior to registering, please feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to answer your questions.

I hope you’ll join us!


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MCM #60 – Two Needles + 3 Strings = A Beautiful Make

Happy Monday, and welcome to another fantastic edition of Main Crush Monday!

I hope you got to spend some time sewing or crafting last week and are all ready for a new week. I know I am!

I made some progress on my M-I-L’s quilt last week, and I really like the way it looks so far. I won’t be able to share too much just yet – the pattern I’m using has been written by a friend and I’m testing it for her. Believe me though when I tell you that I’m sure you’re going to love it. The pattern is great, and I can’t wait to share more with you sometime soon.

Today I want to show you a scarf/shawl/wrap that I finished knitting a few weeks ago. I am absolutely in love with this and wear it almost every time I go out.

Drachenfels knit pattern

You can see I still need to learn how to block a knitted item!

I felt like such an adult while knitting this, and here’s why. Until I made this the only pieces I had knit were straight scarves and hats. Then I got adventurous and made myself several pairs of socks. {Heaven!} After I made the socks, I felt it was time to let go and try something with a little more flair.

After cruising around Instagram, I found the pattern for this shawl and a recommendation for the yarn. Then I was off and running, or in this case, knitting!

Drachenfels Knitting Pattern Shawl

I wish you guys could see this in person and touch it. The yarn is so soft and warm but not hot, and the drape is just gorgeous.

But you want details, right?

Here you go – the pattern is called Drachenfels by Melanie Berg and is available on Ravelry. It is a wonderful pattern. Well-written and easy to understand, I had no trouble following along. I consider myself a beginner knitter, so I was excited that I was able to follow the instructions so easily. If I wasn’t sure about something, like changing yarn colors, let me tell you – Google and YouTube are my best friends! I learned so much just by watching a few videos. I definitely would recommend this pattern, and would not hesitate to purchase other patterns by Melanie.

The yarn. Oh, the yarn!

First, it came in adorable twisted skeins. (You know you’re a grown up when you have to undo the skein and roll the yarn into a ball before you use it!)

It is called Staccato and made by Shibui Knits. The colors I used were Ash, Tar, and Ivory. It is 70% Superwash Merino and 30% Silk, and it feels and knits like a dream. I ordered it from Knit-Purl.com (no affiliation) and they were great to work with. Shipping was super fast, so once I decided on the yarn and project I had my supplies in just two days.

Can you see how the yarn has a natural shimmer to it?

Hand Knit Shawl Shibui Knit Staccato

I’m already looking for my next project using this yarn. I absolutely love it!

And that is my crush for this week. I won’t have much time for knitting this week as I’ll be sewing away. But I can’t wait to start my next knitting project. It is such a portable craft – much of this scarf was made while sitting at the dealership waiting for my car to be serviced. 🙂

So now it’s your turn to share your crush. But first, let’s recap a few that were linked last week.

Teresa of Teresa Quilts shared her rainbow zigzag blocks. I love the bright colors and am looking forward to seeing the final layout.

Photo by Teresa of Teresa Quilts


Michelle of Michelle’s Romantic Tangle is making a scrap quilt that is so lovely. Imagine how fun it will be to look at all the bits and pieces and remember the original projects or places the fabric came from. This is a great way to clean out those scrap bins!

Photo by Michelle of Michelle’s Romantic Tangle


Vicki of Vicki’s Crafts and Quilting made a cutting/storage table and shared information on how she and her husband put it together. There’s tons of storage space, and now I’m rethinking the layout in my own sewing room…

Photo by Vicki of Vicki’s Crafts and Quilting


Now it’s your turn! I hope you’ll share the projects you are working on this week. Your crush can be anything that has you excited to be crafting and in your sewing space. You can link up any blog post, Instagram or Flickr pic – here’s how:

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